Jola becomes “digital host” of the international training programme “PMIR”

Sustainability has become a critical factor for business and organizational success in the 21st century. Organizations play a key role in shaping environment and society. Nowadays, they face the increasingly strong requests from society for a greater commitment towards sustainability. In the light of this premise, the international PMIR Project aims at training and introducing the new professional figure of the “Project Manager of the Sustainability Report/Integrated Report”. It is recognized at European level and will combine competences, knowledge and skills belonging to a variety of fields.


In July 2020, Jola is happy to digitally welcome Serena Grigolli from Italy, an experienced project manager who until now worked in the fields of procurement, human resources and IT. Together with us, Mrs. Grigolli will compile a short sustainability report. Erina Guraziu (Project Manager, OpenCom issc) und Patrice de Micco (Project Quality Manager, Estra) provide support on project and on a professional level. Sadly, the meetings are conducted as videoconferences due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


More information about the PMIR project: