Reduction of Value-Added Tax (VAT) from 1 July 2020

2. July 2020

As part of the government’s recovery and crisis management package, the VAT has been temporarily reduced from 19% to 16% and respectively from 7% to 5% as of 1 July 2020 until 31 December 2020. The tax cut applies to all domestic sales of our products. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Newspaper Article: Working Safely in Times of Corona

15. May 2020

In its 20/2020 edition published on Thursday, 14 May 2020, the local newspaper “Talpost” reported on the publication of the new health and safety protection standard of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the measures implemented by Jola.   By courtesy of “Talpost”.

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Newspaper Article: Jola – “Voice for Small German Companies”

8. May 2020

In its 19/2020 edition published on Thursday, 7 May 2020, the local newspaper “Talpost” reported on our offer to comment on economic developments from the perspective of a small family company.   By courtesy of “Talpost”.  

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Newspaper Article: Problems on the Ground despite the Government’s Economic Rescue Program

5. May 2020

In its 103 edition published on Monday, 4 May 2020, the local newspaper “Die Rheinpfalz” reported on the trade-offs presented by the different options of the rescue program to cope with the coronavirus crisis. To access the complete article (in German), please visit: 2020-05-04 — Die Rheinpfalz Nr. 103 — Einfach einen Antrag stellen?

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Working Safely in Times of Corona

23. April 2020

On Thursday 16 April 2020, German minister for labour and social affairs Hubertus Heil presented the brand-new “SARS-CoV-2 Health and Safety Protection Standard in the Workplace” which establishes national basic rules in addition to existing health and safety protection regulation. Company doctor Dr. Gabriele Magerl (Kompetenzzentrum für Arbeitsmedizin und Arbeitsrecht Rhein-Neckar), occupational safety specialist Michael Rink (Technische Überwachung Rink GmbH) and safety officer Martin Anton gave the all-clear to Jola’s managing director Lars Mattil. The new regulation has been already taken into account by the first version of the so-called Jolaw, our inhouse “Measures to Address the Spread of the Coronavirus” published on 18 March 2020. Its fourth revision was published yesterday.

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Jola Update Concerning the Coronavirus Crisis

9. April 2020

Jola Spezialschalter GmbH & Co. KG relies heavily on vertically integrated processes and anticipatory storage planning with large reserves. We only depend to a small degree on foreign suppliers and, until today, have not received any information on insoluble problems in our supply chain. THEREFORE OUR DELIVERY CAPACITY REMAINS AT 100 % !!! Detailed information on the recent situation

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Coronavirus Crisis: TV Segment on Economic Impact

3. April 2020

The political magazine “Zur Sache Rheinland-Pfalz Extra“ broadcasted on the German TV station SWR on 2 April 2020 reported on the effects of the Cornavirus Crisis on our federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. During their segment “Corona – Economic Impact”, Jola’s managing director Lars Mattil explained as a mid-size company from the Palatinate” that he considers direct aid for small to medium size companies as a currently appropriate measure: „If there were public money now, […] that was easily accessible, that would not have to be repaid as a credit, it would be of tremendous help. It would be a sign demonstrating speed and it would, indeed, help to get through this situation.“ View TV segment, from minute 2:20 on: Zur Sache Rheinland-Pfalz Extra Source: “Zur Sache Rheinland-Pfalz Extra” (hosted by Daniela Schick) | emission on 2 April 2020 , 09.40 p.m. | reporter: Sabine Rappen | by courtesy of SWR

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Interview about the economic package of the German federal government to fight the coronavirus crisis

27. March 2020

On Wednesday, 25 March 2020, the German parliament the Bundestag decided on a comprehensive package of measures to support the German economy. On this occasion, Jola’s Managing Director Lars Mattil gave an interview to the German radio station RPR1.

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Lucky charm 2020

23. January 2020

During the annual joint meeting on 22 January 2020, management presented this year’s lucky charm. As before in 2013, it is a “hamaya”, a demon-breaking arrow, which Lars Mattil bought at the Yasukuni Jinja, Tokyo’s rather infamous Shinto shrine, during his latest trip to Japan. The “Tokyo Asakusa Kenbukai EDGE” samurai group as well as the “Shinobishu Kabuki” ninja group performed at the shrine on the occasion of New Year festivities to mark the year of the mouse and guided him to aquire our lucky charm.

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Annual joint meeting 2020

22. January 2020

During the annual joint meeting on 22 January 2020, Director Lars Mattil and several employees provided information concerning the current economic situation and defined objectives for the new year.

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