Jola – the classical “honorable merchant”

Jola has always been a sustainable company. Recently it even speaks and writes about it.

The weight of small, regionally rooted companies is of course much lower than that of large international corporations. Nevertheless, the former should actively deal with the current problems. Because small family businesses like Jola are predestined to take on a pioneering role. It is very clear that dealing with sustainability aspects means an effort that few appreciate at first. With a “close your eyes and hope for the best” mentality, however, sitting out the topic or ticking it off superficially would really not be Jola style. So we decided to look at it with the necessary diligence and seriousness and to set the course for the future.

Sustainability Policy

Jola Spezialschalter GmbH & Co. KG has established and implemented a sustainability management system (SMS) that is maintained and continuously improved.

The direction commits itself as well as Jola’s employees to meet applicable requirements and to continually improve the SMS.

The sustainability policy supports our company’s strategic direction.

It is based on the principles of social responsibility described in ISO 26000:2010.


1. Accountability

Jola is accountable for the impact of its decisions and activities on society, the economy and the environment.


2. Transparency

Jola is transparent about its decisions and activities that affect society and the environment.


3. Ethical behaviour

Jola acts ethically.


4. Respect for stakeholder interests

Jola respects the interests of its stakeholders and takes them into account.


5. Respect for the rule of law

Jola recognizes that it is imperative to respect the law.


6. Respect for international norms of behaviour

Jola respects international standards of conduct while at the same time adhering to the rule of law.


7. Respect for human rights

Jola respects human rights and recognizes both their importance and their generality.

Sustainability Report

In July 2020, Jola digitally welcomed Serena Grigolli from Italy, an experienced project manager who until now worked in the fields of procurement, human resources and IT. As participant of the international project “Project Manager of Sustainability Report/Integrated Report” (PMIR), she compiled Jola’s first sustainability report.

The chapters are:

  1. Governance
  2. Human Resources
  3. Economic Performance
  4. Customers
  5. Suppliers
  6. Collectivity
  7. Environment


Project manager Serena Grigolli resumes:

“Jola is a typical of the German healthy small enterprises and undertook in 2020 a formal step for obtaining the Short PMIR Sustainability Report which fits with Jola’s newly-understood social role as a multiplier of value for the local community aiming to a long term and risk balanced company life.”


Support on project and professional level:

Erina Guraziu (Project Manager, OpenCom issc) & Patrice de Micco (Project Quality Manager, Estra)


More information about the PMIR project:

Jola’s sustainability report 2019