Jola’s Orientations


We aspire to be a reliable company, both forward-looking and firmly rooted in our history and tradition.

We want to satisfy customers through the quality of our organization, activities, products and services, high flexibility and reliable, on schedule performance to obtain their customer loyalty in the long term.

Careful, professional work is intended to strengthen our position on the market, achieve economic success and preserve jobs.

Our integrated management system includes the topics of quality, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, sustainability and other aspects that play a role in our business activities.

We make an effort to take different interests and requirements into account in the best possible way, to take our social responsibility seriously and to get involved in our community. Not only do we want to act in accordance with the law, we also ensure that our business activities are in harmony with generally accepted moral principles.

In a constantly changing world, we want to live up to the direction’s historic business motto

« To create and to strive | is our imperative, |
progress is life, | stagnation is death ! »

and be fair, be open to new things and understand and welcome change as normal. On the one hand, this refers to constant product-related, technical innovation and, on the other hand, to the ongoing further development of our processes and working methods.

We want to achieve this with the help of our motivated, competent employees. Comprehensive training measures, but also direct contact with one another, contribute to this. As a small family business, we attach great importance to flat hierarchies, cooperation based on partnership and transparent processes in the company.

Our employees should be given the space to exploit their own potential and progress in their personal development through experiences. Lifelong learning is a basis for mastering the present and the future. As a company, we want to provide an environment for development for the Jolarians and also for the non-corporate people we deal with.

We want to strive to behave as we would want others in the same situation to behave.



We develop, produce and sell high-quality, durable measurement and control technology devices that satisfy our industrial and commercial customers. These are based in different industries and therefore have different, diverse applications.

Our products are mainly used for level control and leakage detection of liquids. There are also limit switches and cooling ceiling controllers as other product families.

The Jola devices are marketed domestically and abroad. Sales partners offer the product range in numerous European and some non-European countries.



Our self-image describes the guiding values and convictions according to which managers, employees and the Direction should act. It provides the essential orientations for the way in which the mission and vision are to be translated into strategic and operational goals. Three values are particularly emphasized:

  • needs-based
  • appreciative
  • transparent

They are expressed in the behavior of Jola and the Jolarians and are clear, binding promises to the relevant stakeholder groups.