Intern Luca Fioretti Updates Jola’s Sustainability Report

In July 2020, Jola digitally welcomed Serena Grigolli from Italy, an experienced project manager who until now worked in the fields of procurement, human resources and IT. As participant of the international project “Project Manager of Sustainability Report/Integrated Report” (PMIR), she compiled Jola’s first sustainability report.

Now the report will be updated, again with Italian help. Intern Luca Fioretti, who is studying “Business and Management” at the University of Siena, will complete a 6-week internship in Lambrecht in June and July 2023. First, he will gain practical experience in several areas of the company and get to know Jola’s sustainability aspects. On this basis, he will then make the sustainability report easier to update and determine and organise the underlying information and data accordingly.

On the company side, he will be supervised by Managing Director Lars Mattil and on the scientific side by Professor Patrice de Micco, who was project quality manager of the PMIR project.