Seminar Series “Leadership Psychology” – People Knowledge for Beginners


Nowadays, there is sufficient specialist knowledge available, but sound knowledge about the human being is still largely lacking. We must strive to understand the “inner experience” of human beings – their emotionality – which is expressed in their “outer behavior”.


With the subtitle “People knowledge for beginners”, Lars Mattil – Managing Director of Jola Spezialschalter GmbH & Co. KG – invites you to an exciting seminar in Lambrecht (Palatinate) on 14 course evenings. Broadcast live from Switzerland by Prof. Thomas Fischer, it is aimed at entrepreneurs, decision-makers, executives, personnel developers, trainers, consultants, students and all people who want to develop or reflect on themselves and their (leadership) behaviour. The participants increase their self-knowledge and their knowledge of human nature through the subject matters imparted and the practical exercises. This enables them to deal with the people around them in a more conflict-free way.


Especially very conservative entrepreneurs, HR managers and executives may think this approach is soft-headed “modern nonsense”. In today’s world, however, it can be central to a company’s success! There is a shortage of skilled workers (“war for talents”), and every enterprise naturally wants to retain its talent and attract new ones. However, we know that employees usually do not leave their company, but their superiors. The reasons for this can be a bad management style or a lack of development prospects.


Moreover, with Generation Z, young professionals are entering the labour market today who have a completely different attitude to work than previous generations. They are concerned with what their employer can offer them and not vice versa. Their basic attitude is realistic, their value system individualistic, and their leadership behaviour opportunistic. They are no longer only concerned with the “work-life balance” of Generation X, but with “life” – work is only one of several life domains for them. Emotional well-being at work and meaningful tasks are the focus for the “Z-ers”. A personal, individually adapted coaching style of leadership is indispensable for them, and the ideal boss is an inspiring co-creator.


So there are a number of good reasons to get to grips with “modern leadership” as soon as possible – ideally starting in Lambrecht in May 2023…



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“In addition to a sound professional knowledge, a profound knowledge of people will become increasingly important in the future.”

Prof. Thomas Fischer

Lecturer in Leadership Psychology at the School of Business of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland | Head of his own internationally active company in the financial sector


“Seminars on leadership? Numerous, not infrequently elitist and often aimed at standard solutions. Not so with Thomas Fischer, who focuses on the individual in more ways than one. He is concerned with setting course participants on their own personal path to self-experiences, self-insights and self-reflection. Participation is a highly rewarding time investment that pays off for course participants both on a personal level and in terms of professional activity! My conclusion: absolutely recommendable!”

Lars Mattil
Managing Director – Jola Spezialschalter GmbH & Co. KG


Information: Seminar Series “Leadership Psychology” – People Knowledge for Beginners
Press release: Seminar Series “Leadership Psychology” – People Knowledge for Beginners (30/03/2023)