Lucky charm 2022

Even though the coronavirus pandemic forced us again to cancel Jola’s annual joint meeting, we will not miss out on this year’s Japanese lucky charm. On 25 July 2012, Managing Director Lars Mattil had visited the “Tenjin Matsuri” (festival) in the Ōsaka Tenman-gū (Tenman Shrine) in the city of Ōsaka where he acquired a talisman – which has not yet been used and can therefore serve as a lucky charm for Jola in 2022.

In terms of specialization, it is a “shōbai hanjō” which is supposed to bring success in business and financial matters. As a reference to the festival, it has the shape of a “happi” – a traditional jacket that is worn in Japan at festivals, among other places. The special version on the occasion of Tenjin Matsuri is decorated with stylized plum blossoms and waves.