New complete catalogue 2020

For 2020, we decided to change the renowned Jola-format of our catalogue to a more functional German DIN A5 standard in book form. Environmental considerations played a key role in our decision-making process. The new catalogue comes along without paper clips or any other metal components. We managed to limit the consumption of resources because we ceased to use a lever-operated folder, and changed the paper and packaging we used. The catalogue is also ready for download in electronic form on

The change of the catalogue format marks the end of an era in several ways. First, it is a testament to the increasing digitalization and the partial replacement of print media. Second, in the long-term environmental and sustainability issues gain significance. Third, the change of format announces the revision of all of Jola’s product documents in the coming months concerning content and layout to better meet the requirements of our digital age. Although he resigned from management at the end of 2018, our “still-product manager” Volker Mattil will accompany this transformation process with his decades of experience and enormous knowledge of our products and applications. The value of his support cannot be overstated since the catalogue has been, since its birth in the 1970s, his “baby”.

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning our products. Our sales team is happy to offer comprehensive advice and to take your order.

Or order a free catalogue here (initially only available in German). You will receive one of the last remaining catalogues in the old format. If you wish to receive the new format version of the catalogue, please note so in the “Remark(s)” section.