Remembering the Separatist Attack on Lambrecht on 8 November 1923

100 years ago, on 8 November 1923, a separatist attack took place on the town of Lambrecht in the Palatinate, where Jola Spezialschalter, the successor company to the Gebrüder Haas cloth factory, is based. As the population fought back, numerous people were injured and killed. Among them was Wilhelm Elsäßer – a 72-year-old pensioner who had worked as a weaver at Gebrüder Haas. The video is to commemorate this black day in history – in the hope that we will learn from it and that something like this will not happen again.

Jola’s Managing Director Lars Mattil explains the historical context and reads from two reports by contemporary witnesses. Former Managing Director Volker Mattil contributes a story that his father had told him as another witness to the events. Finally, Pastor Martin Groß reads from the eulogy of his predecessor Alexander and comments on what can be learned from history today.

The video will be published in German on the channel “Inside Jola” on 8 November 2023: