End of the Year in Times of Corona

Despite the pervasive measures in effect since November 2020, the new daily COVID infections have remained on a high level and forced the German government to react. The chancellor and the federal states’ prime ministers agreed to swiftly implement new strict measures at the crisis meeting on 13 December 2020. A second, “hard” shutdown starts on Wednesday, 16 December 2020.

Although no new legal obligations relate to us, Chancellor Merkel said that “the employers and employees are asked to offer generous home office solutions or company holidays from 16 December 2020 until 10 January 2021”.

To the extent possible, we contribute to restrict social contacts before Christmas.

That is why we will take this year’s inventory exceptionally early on 18 December 2020. Starting this day until 22 December 2020, our sales team will operate on a skeleton staff and yet still be available to you. The French office is even available until 24 December.

Our company will remain completely closed for the holidays and will return to be at your service on 4 January 2021.

Please be well and safe during these unsettling times. We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for a happy, successful and healthy New Year!