New Jola Giveaways

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Jola Spezialschalter in 2022, we took a comprehensive look at merchandising. Now there should be something interesting for almost everyone…

Elmar Friderichs (Head of Marketing) and Lars Mattil (Managing Director) had planned to have a handful of Jola promotional gifts ready for the anniversary. In some cases, designer and brand strategist Désirée Berger (hangzumschoenen / “a propensity to beauty”) was also involved.

Even before they could be distributed at trade fairs and customer visits, they were available as guest gifts at the anniversary celebration on 16 July 2022 in the former gatehouse: Gummi bears, dextrose, lanyards, beer mats, annual calendars, magnets, pens, notepads and more…

And while the German-Turkish duo “Benyonca” performed music recorded exclusively for Jola in the inner courtyard, you could also take it home on Jola’s first music CD.

A very precious design object is the shopping trolley chip, which looks confusingly similar to a tiny Jola plate electrode. Jola borrowed this idea from its loyal Dutch sales partner Vedotec.

Finally, the brochure “Jola’s Compass 2022”, hot off the press, dealt with Jola’s vision, mission, and self-image and offered enough space for some snapshots of the company’s everyday life.

Let’s hope that there will soon be many more nice opportunities to meet and present you with Jola merchandise!

More information about Jola’s 70th anniversary here: