Centenary of the Administrative Building

23. August 2021

Jola is proud of the centenary of its administrative building, which was originally...

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New Video: COVID-19 Vaccination 2021

17. August 2021

The new video “COVID-19 Vaccination 2021” is available...

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Interview About COVID-19 Vaccination

29. July 2021

Jola’s Managing Director Lars Mattil gave an interview to the German radio station RPR1...

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New Video: New complete catalogue 2020

27. July 2021

Our new video "New complete catalogue 2020" is available...

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“Inside Jola” Starts

“Inside Jola“ offers an inside view into our interesting portfolio...

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Working Safely in Times of Corona – Revision of the “Corona Occupational Safety Regulation” Already Implemented

2. July 2021

The German “SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Safety and Health Regulation” published on 22 January 2021 has already been...

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Working Safely in Times of Corona – “COVID-19 Vaccination Offer” Presented and Semi-Implemented

22. June 2021

Starting 7 June 2021, company doctors are incorporated as a third tier to the German vaccination strategy. Already on 11 May,...

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30th Anniversary Of ELPRO (Jola‘s Sales Partner in Slovenia & Croatia)

1. June 2021

Two pictures are worth a thousand words...

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Successful External Explosion Protection Audit 2021

26. May 2021

After some years of absence, explosion protection auditor Thierry Houeix of the certifying institute INERIS returned to Jola...

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A New “Employee“ on Four Wheels

21. May 2021

Already three years have gone by since our new sales representative “colleague” arrived – just to be...

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