Science Cooperation: Expert Interview by Maximilian G. F. Magerl with Lars Mattil

A few weeks ahead of the conclusion of his student research project “Integration of Digital Services by Koamed” (Prof. Dr. Anna Heszler, Faculty of Management Science and Engineering, Karlsruhe Unviersity of Applied Sciences), Maximilian G. F. Magerl conducted an expert interview with Jola’s Managing Director Lars Mattil as part of the project’s evaluation to verify his analysis and to take into account the perspective of small enterprises.

Mr. Magerl is a highly motivated student enrolled in the masters program “Technology Entrepreneurship” at the Karlsruhe University.  He focuses his research project on strategy development for workplace health and safety regulations in the context of new digital services offered by external service providers to small and medium-sized customers. His analysis specifically refers to those services offered by “Koamed | Competence Centre for Occupational Medicine and Work Safety” ( – Heiligenkreuzsteinnach) that can be promptly implemented. The head of Koamed Dr. Gabriele Magerl has been Jola’s company doctor for many years. A fact that aroused particular curiosity and interest of Lars Mattil to be up to speed with the most recent findings, so that Jola might benefit from some of the new services in the future!