Working Safely in Times of Corona – “COVID-19 Vaccination Offer” Presented and Semi-Implemented

Starting 7 June 2021, company doctors are incorporated as a third tier to the German vaccination strategy. Already on 11 May, Jola was able to present the first vaccination offers and, as soon as 9 June, the first vaccinations were administered.

COVID testing and vaccination has been the most widely debated issue in Germany during the last few weeks. Starting from 7 June 2021, company doctors are allowed to order vaccines and necessary supplies. Additionally, vaccination prioritisations in place till then have been lifted.

For this reason, company doctor Dr. Gabriele Magerl (Koamed | Competence Centre for Occupational Medicine and Work Safety) cleared her schedule to execute a roughly two month vaccination campaign aiming to swiftly vaccinate all of her interested clients. Of course, the organizational as well as logistical efforts are considerable and decisions were made at the last minute:

“For the moment, we calmly face the logistical and organizational challenges because we are well prepared. All processes for the vaccination campaign are in place. Our clients were updated transparently and thoroughly throughout our planning, so that we are set to go right now as the vaccination approval for company doctors has been given. We are happy that the vaccination campaign finally begins and we hope that in the course of the next weeks enough vaccines will be made available so that we will be able to contribute to the national vaccination strategy to the fullest extent as we have intended to do.”


Because since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic Jola prides itself to take swift action, the company signaled interest as early as May and presented the respective vaccination offer to its employees. The first date was set as early as 9 June 2021 by Dr. Magerl who came with the support of two of her employees. The spaciousness of the Jola premises offered ideal conditions to a perfect vaccination strategy implementation distributed over several rooms.

To guarantee a quick and smooth operation, Jola’s safety officer Martin Anton was in charge of the organisational task on behalf of Jola. He made the necessary arrangements, prepared the designated rooms and provided support on the vaccination date.

Director Lars Mattil expressed his satisfaction:

“With the vaccination offer of our company again crisis costs have landed in our books, because Koamed naturally wants its services to be compensated for, but that is how we can support our employees during these difficult times. I am also very happy that many employees have taken advantage of the first and second tier vaccination possibilities – the vaccination centres and at the general practitioner. These personal initiatives I find to be formidable. Because you should not forget that vaccinations do not just protect oneself but also your fellows who might not be eligible for vaccinations due to underlying health conditions. If everyone acted alike, we as a society will manage the pandemic more efficiently.”