Jola’s New Code of Conduct

In March 2022, Jola published its first code of conduct. Just 9 months later, a greatly expanded version was published.

In the first quarter of its 70th anniversary year, Jola focused on its corporate culture.

The most concise motto in the house – “To create and to strive is our imperative, progress is life, stagnation is death !” – is located in the historic management office since the days of our predecessor company, the Gebrüder Haas cloth factory, and was not touched.

Today, Jola stands on the threshold of formally introducing further management systems to quality management according to the international standard ISO 9001 (introduced in the 1990s). The new “superstructure” was first published on the website on 7 March 2022:

– Jola‘s compass, including vision, mission, and our self-image,

– Jola’s code of conduct as well as

– the policies typical of management disciplines: quality policy, environmental policy, occupational safety policy and sustainability policy.

Since then, Jola’s new superstructure provides answers to important questions about corporate culture. It provides orientation and provides guiding principles for behavior towards colleagues, employees, customers and other stakeholder groups.

The first version of Jola’s code of conduct referred exclusively to the United Nations‘ “Global Compact” (UNGC). It is a strategic initiative to align business activities and strategies with ten universally recognized principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. The UNGC focuses on the problems of the global South. In the case of companies based in Germany, it is reasonable to assume that the principles are met because the issues addressed are regulated by law at national level.

On 12 December 2022, Jola adopted the “ZVEI-VDMA Code of Conduct” of the leading German associations of the electrical and digital industry (ZVEI) and of mechanical and plant engineering (VDMA) because it fits the company’s self-imposed commitment and comprehensively covers the extensive range of topics. It is designed as a self-imposed commitment which can be used and communicated within the company and vis-à-vis partners such as customers and suppliers.

The content of the UNGC‘s ten overarching principles is contained in Jola’s new code of conduct, which further elaborates on them.


Video “Jola’s New Superstructure”

(published on 14 March 2022)


Video “Jola’s New Code of Conduct”

(published on 23 January 2023)