Jola’s New Superstructure

Jola’s new superstructure provides answers to important questions about corporate culture. It provides orientation and provides guiding principles for behavior towards colleagues, employees, customers and other stakeholder groups.

The most concise motto in our house is located in the historic management office since the days of our predecessor company, the Gebrüder Haas cloth factory. It was moved here by either the founder Adam Haas or brought by his son Albert Haas. The saying says “To create and to strive is our imperative, progress is life, stagnation is death !” And for as timeless as this management motto is, it still applies to all of us today in the successor company Jola Spezialschalter.

In the 1990s, the quality management standard ISO 9001 prevailed, according to which many companies around the world were then certified. This standard required the quality policy to be written down and communicated. Director Volker Mattil and the executives drafted, reviewed and discussed the quality policy, which was then published on the former website and elsewhere.

Now we are standing today on the 70th anniversary of Jola on the threshold of formally introducing further management systems at our company. Very soon we will introduce an environmental management system, and also management systems to other management topics, and so we just had to address our superstructure. It was first published on our website on 7 March 2022:

– Jola‘s compass, including vision, mission, and our self-image,

– Jola’s code of conduct as well as

– the policies typical of management disciplines: quality policy, environmental policy, occupational safety policy and sustainability policy.