Lucky charm 2023

Last summer, Managing Director Lars Mattil finally had the opportunity to buy this year’s Japanese lucky charm in Japan. In keeping with the coronavirus pandemic, this happened far away from the urban hustle and bustle in the deserted Toyono village (Hyōgo prefecture) in the small but beautiful Yoshikawa Hachiman Shrine (Yoshikawa-hachiman-jinja).

2023’s lucky charm is an o-fuda (御札 or お札), a certain type of talisman that is hung or placed in a house for protection. This one is made of paper (called kamifuda 紙札).

Once again in keeping with the coronavirus pandemic, Lars Mattil picked out a specific specialisation to get all Jolarians and those close to Jola through the year as healthily as possible. This can also be read quite easily on the lucky charm itself. Apart from the name of the shrine at the top right (hachiman-jinja 八幡神社), the following is written in six large kanji (logographic characters) from top to bottom: byo-ki (ill), hei-yu (recovery), shu-go (protection).