Magazine Contribution: “Focus on People: Lars Mattil” & “Company Portrait: Jola Spezialschalter GmbH & Co. KG”

In its 02/2022 edition published in June 2022, the German magazine “WerkWandel” focused on “Sustainability in Companies” On pages 07 and 08, Jola’s managing director Lars Mattil answers several questions and states: “We have always been a sustainable company. What is new is that we recently even speak and write about it.” A company portrait of Jola follows on pages 09 and 10.

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2022-06-20 — WerkWandel, Ausgabe 02-2022 — Menschen im Fokus & Unternehmensporträt

By courtesy of Christine Molketin M. A. (Press and Public Relations Officer, ifaa – Institute for Applied Occupational Ergonomics).